What Keeps Me Awake At Night

monsanto wins

a big boy did it and ran away

road to nowhere

running dry

here comes the sun

my feet are dry

business as usual

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"An estimated 6.1 billion kilos of glyphosate-based weedkillers were sprayed across gardens and fields worldwide between 2005 & 2014"

Source - Guardian

"Vertebrate populations have fallen by an average of 60% since the 1970's"

Source - IPPR

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"As a planet, in 2018 man emitted the annual sustainable quota of carbon into the atmosphere by 1st August"

Source - Global Footprint Network

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"The global number of cars on the road and kilometres flown in planes will nearly double by 2040, with cars projected to reach 2 billion and air travel 20 trillion kilometres"

Source - World Economic Focus

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"It takes 660 gallons of water to produce one beefburger"

Source - National Geographic

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"Between 1880 & 2012 average global temperature increased by 0.85 degrees centigrade. The U.N. estimates increases up to 4.3 degrees by 2100 unless policies change"

Source - UN and IPCC

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"Between 1901 and 2013 global average sea level rose by 19cm.The IPCC estimate a further increase of 18-59cm by 2100"

Source - European Agency & IPCC

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"1,000,000 plastic bottles are produced EVERY MINUTE (+20% by 2021)......of which ONLY 9% are recycled"

Source - Forbes

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"Since 2005, the number of floods has increased by a factor of 15, extreme temperature events by a factor of 20 and wildfires sevenfold"

Source - IPPR

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"To be sustainable Europeans would need to eat 77% less meat"

Source - EAT: Lancet Comission

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"Up to two thirds of Himalayan icecaps will disappear by 2100 - affecting the water supply to 2 billion people"

Source - International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

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"For a peaceful mass movement to succeed a maximum of 3.5% of the population needs to mobilise"

Source - Erica Chenoweth

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