Songs From the Stream

In the Beginning.  Uproar.  Beyond.

I am the stream. The water I’ve transported has witnessed the ages of the earth for billions of years. From the first molecules gathering from chemical reactions or cosmic collisions, through the mighty glacial epochs, fossil water stores, buried deep in underground aquifers, sailing the oceans, flying high in the clouds, hosting fearsome thunderstorms.

For a few short millennia the earth has become noisy with the evolution of man, lately the waters arrive in a bad humour, bearing pesticides and plastics to the sea, silent poisons en route to the food chain. The water clamours angrily now, stirring with violence, floods and surges, wreaking havoc. I lie silent, my chatter only heard for a few liberating months when the loch is drained.

I wait; I’ve seen other species come and go.

From: Energise Residency 2018/19

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