"Individually Insignificant Global Time-bombs"

On 3 December 2018 Sir David Attenborough addressed the United Nations with the ultimatum that we have 12 years before the climate reaches a tipping point of no return after which the consequences of man’s actions become irreversible. Just 12 years. Or “144” months.

Man’s contribution to climate change has been known since the 1970’s and as a result we have policies introduced by governments including the development of recycling and renewable energy technologies amongst others. But despite these measures we have fallen way short of what is required of us to secure the sustainability of our planet. In 2018 we used up our annual “quota” of carbon (that prevents climate change through the actions of man) by the beginning of August! To deliver the solution will require REAL CHANGE NOW.

And there are solutions. known, costed (and the cost increases massively if we do not act now) and achievable. All they require is the will and the appropriate actions taken. But this will require a change away from

1. comfortable convenience and consumerism

2. denial with respect to the issue has anything to do with us as individuals, businesses or politicians.

At present the vast majority of people simply think it is someone else’s problem and/or that someone else is responsible for delivering the solution. Well that must change. We are all the problem and we all need to take responsibility for delivering the solution by

• Demanding real change in thinking and policy from our governments and industry (honestly, they will respond as they are petrified and entirely reliant on us)

• Reducing our individual consumption, especially with respect to meat consumption, air travel, energy from fossil fuels and inappropriate luxuries

• Protecting (physically and/or by funding others) our global habitats

The consequences are never higher and yet we are still running blindly towards them whilst lounging on our latest sofa ordering an exotic cruise having just watched the final episode of Game of Thrones on  our brand new surround sound 70 inch screen (the 42 inch simply wasn’t big enough was it!). Such actions will allow the fat cats to stay fat, our planet to be destroyed. And the impacts as a result of this continued course of action will be greatest on the least able to afford them.

Or we could demand change and lead not follow.  We can all be part of the solution and change our habits. We could, but will we…

The 144 images in “Individually Insignificant Global Time Bombs” were originally shot as part of our ENERGISE Residency using the 21 centuries ultimate disposable product, an iPhone, which we unnecessarily upgrade every two years because industry has programmed us to do so to sell more products.   The images of global products and services are taken in and around a nameless shopping mall that could be anywhere in the world. These everyday items we devour relentlessly, hypnotised by advertising and the desire to consume and are the cause of the climate catastrophe.

The 144 month climate tipping point calendar is an ongoing art project and will be updated monthly with a further month crossed out.  A new quote will be added and a suggestion as to what you might do to make a change to your life and be part of the solution.  It will be sent monthly to politicians, leaders, CEO's and as many people as possible to help raise awareness and proactively offer small contributions you can make to be a part of the solution.

Why not join us and make a real difference (if you sign up to our Blog you will receive the update automatically by email).

The 144 Month Climate 'Tipping Point" Calendar

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