Energise - Leeming and Paterson

Ted and Morag will both be showing work at Upland's Energise exhibition at the Kirkcudbright Galleries which runs from 13th October until early December 2018.  They will host an artists talk about the works on 10th November at 2pm, booking info coming soon.

They have also recently commenced a two month artist residency alongside artist Jason Nelson which explores the past, present and future of the Galloway Hydro Electric scheme.  Contributions are invited through a dedicated Facebook page: Energise Residency Contributions and look out for community workshops throughout the Galloway Glens scheme over the coming months.

The projects are funded by Creative Scotland, Upland and the Galloway Glens scheme.

The Magnificent Beech - Ted Leeming

For this exhibition Ted exhibits ‘The Magnificent Beech I’, shot as part of a “Zero Footprint” project whilst walking the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri in north west Italy. The work depicts the aftermath of an unprecedented storm that swept through a native beech forest in November 2017, destroying many trees in its wake. The resulting damage not only devastated the local ecosystem but made walking paths inaccessible and in need of significant restoration, with associated costs and impacts on tourism and local businesses. Such weather events will become increasingly frequent as this global phenomenon impacts at a local level.

Bad Algae - Morag Paterson

This project, inspired by Morag's sister Ruth who is a marine scientist centre around 'Bad Algae'  exploring how the use of fertilizers and warmer waters due to climate change is nurturing the growth of algae which is harmful to our water ways, marine life and produce greenhouse gases. In response to this Morag has created composite photographs which are compiled from hundreds of images collected over two years walking and roam- ing in the outdoors. Subject matter such as earth, stone, lichens, fossils, fresh and sea water, trees, lakes and dead birds and farm animals, and chemical paints are combined representing our delicate eco system and the warning signs of the damage we are inflicting through our lifestyles, manmade environmental pollutants, mindless consumption and bad energy choices.

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