'Considering Forest' explores the impact of commercial Sitka spruce plantations which are increasingly encroaching on the Galloway Hills creating dense monocultures, disturbing peat (one of our most essential carbon stores), concentrating both acidic rainfall from the atmosphere and nutrient runoff into our local waterways. While there have been improvements in forestry policy over the last decade, we still have a long way to go before we are planting the right type of forest in the right places. Statistics currently count Sitka spruce as our best weapon in fighting the immediate climate emergency, but is this a short-sighted, short term solution which ignores biodiversity loss and puts off the problem for the future, rather than transitioning to a different ethos altogether? How long until we start to value our climate, habitat biodiversity and the ability to drink clean water and breathe clean air more highly than money?

The work is printed on till rolls - ironically a product of the plantation woodlands, and the hand-printed motif, reminiscent of a bar code, is created from photographs from local conifer forest.

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