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Inspired by the work of my sister Ruth, who is a marine scientist specializing in 'bad' algae, these images respond to research highlighting how factors such as man-made environmental pollutants and warmer waters due to climate change could be nurturing the growth of algae which is harmful to our waterways, marine life and produce greenhouse gases.  I've created composite photographs which are compiled from a selection from hundreds of images collected over two years walking and roaming in the outdoors. Subject matter such as earth, stone, lichens, fossils, fresh and sea water, trees, lakes and dead birds and farm animals, and chemical paints are combined representing our delicate eco system and the warning signs of the damage we are inflicting through our lifestyles, farming practis- es, mindless consumption and bad energy choices.

The work was on display as part of the "Energise" exhibition at Kirkcudbright Galleries in November 2018.

Untitled photo
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