2022  Summit Register, Waterside Hill. Installation and residency. GCAT/Creative Scotland

2022  Zero Footprint 12 years on, The Catstrand, New Galloway

2021  Art of Energy, University of St Andrews

2021  Iceland. Mobility, Spatiality, Virtuality. Arts Territory Exchange

2021  Speakers, Stirling Photography Festival

2021  Climate Action and Visual Culture, University of Huddersfield, group exhibition.

2021  Associated Artists, Friendly Society of Artistic Labourers Festival, Weymouth College 

2020 Hulabhaig Uig Open: Reimagined Online Three photographic artworks related to the Outer Hebrides and Iceland

2020 Ode to Pluto, Inside the Outside Featured artist with landscape photography series and abstract AV production.

2020 Interview in Amateur Photographer magazine about reducing carbon footprints in photography

2020 Two x Jurors Honorable Mentions Earth in Focus by Photoville

2020 Arts Territory Exchange remote Residency (exploring place, working remotely with Alaskan Artist Katie Ione Craney) - ongoing

2020 “A Stitch in Time” Arts Territory Exchange Exhibition, Beijing. “The Watershed” Cyanotype print of Dumfries and Galloway river systems.

2020 Niche Gallery Installations, Dumfries – exploring issues surrounding forestry and peat

2019 “Energise” Residency and “Pennies from Heaven Exhibition”, Scotland (Creative Scotland Funded) community engagement, talks and exhibitions exploring energy and climate change

2019 Immersive low carbon cycle photographically exploring the River Danube from sea to source

2018 Guest speakers at Connected Photography Event

2018 Guest Speakers at Fotofest UK

2018 “The Magnificent Beach” and “Bad Algae” Kirkcudbright Galleries. Environmental art exhibition by Upland, featuring traditional and abstract landscape photographs by Ted and Morag.

2018 “Ode to Pluto” Head On Photo Festival, Sydney and “Surge” Edinburgh and Hawick.

2018 Immersive zero-carbon trek along the Alta Via di Monti Liguri exploring climate change subjects

2017 Guest speakers, Wild Film Festival, Scotland. Talk about our creative photography process and the Zero Footprint environmental photography project

2016 BBC Culture “The Wild Romantic Side of Britain” feature on creating impressionist Turner-esque artistic photographs.

2016 “Rural Mural” collaborative art project with Recoat run by Upland. Large scale murals inspired by the collaboration between photographers and street artists in Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway.

2016 “In Flight” installation, Dumfries

2016 “Fragmented Identities” group show, Venice and Columbia. Large scale abstract landscape photograph “The Void” exploring feelings of safety and connection.

2016 “Polphaill” - Head on Photo Festival in Sydney. Environmental fine art photography exploring an abandoned housing development for an oil platform that was never constructed off the coast of Scotland.

2015 Immersive creative Workshops at the Environmental Art Festival, Dumfries and Galloway

2015 “Water” Joint exhibition - Seamus Ennis Centre near Dublin. Abstract photography featuring waters.

2014 “The Daylight Project” a set of unfiltered daylight photographs of water created for Velux

2014 Transmedia 101 project exploring nuclear power generation in a multimedia context at Ayr College

2014 “Zero Footprint” book published with exhibition – 5 year project exploring a zero carbon footprint with all images taken from the same location.Various press articles.

2014 Speakers at Wigtown Book Festival (also part of EAFS curtain raiser)

2012 Zero Footprint Exhibition, Environmental Photography exhibition at the Scottish Parliament

2009 “Liquid Silver” and “Closing Time” abstract photographs in RSA Open Exhibition, Edinburgh

2009 “Impressions” Exhibition at Robin Rowles gallery, Edinburgh. Fine art abstract impressionist photographs of the Scottish Landscape.

2008 “Kingdom of the Gods” classic landscape photography from Scotland at Gracefield Arts Centre

2006 Exhibition of fine art traditional landscape photographs of Scotland, and guest Speaker at Scottish Natural Heritage Conference Centre, Battleby, Perth

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