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Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson are award-winning, professional landscape photographic artists based both in Italy and Scotland. Their striking imagery is widely published and has been exhibited around the world.

Meditative reflections on light, contemplative art of nature, unstructured nature of place, land:human nexus … these are but some of the themes flowing through the collective work of Leeming and Paterson.Their work has less to do with appearance, rather with effect. It reflects the desire to spread the ripple of wonder. The humbling state of awe that arises when faced with the god of little things in the tiny spaces of nature and the immensity of creative forces in the sweeping landscapes, waterscapes, seascapes and human-scapes of our environment. Going further than simple aesthetics their work explores the landscape and our human interactions therein in the context of climate change and biodiversity loss.

The natural world forms the basis of inspiration for many of their collaborative images and projects. With dreamlike depictions of land and sea, alongside environmental feasts for the eyes and the lens, the Leeming and Paterson visual ecologues command sharp intakes of breath as they crystalise this fragile paradise we all call home.

As leading artists and photographers in their field, Leeming and Paterson are living embodiments of their concepts and practices of give-back and upskilling practitioners. As well as exhibiting and selling fine art prints,  they are experienced mentors and offer private tuition and tours for groups and individuals together with dedicated mentoring programs and portfolio reviews.

In line with their lifestyle choices, Ted and Morag are going to donate 15% from all future print sales to a selection of charities they support.  These include Trees For Life, Medecins San Frontieres, SolarAid and Surfers Against Sewage.  For every three paying mentoring clients they will try to offer a free mentoring session to someone from a disadvantaged background.

You can visit Ted and Morag's blog here

Meet The Artists

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Morag Paterson

A sense of belonging underpins my work, which varies from wildly abstract to rare forays into more literal representations of the natural world. Deep immersion is part of my process. I often spend weeks on end intensely observing landscape elements, delving into possibilities, experimenting, and following the ever-shifting interplay of light and matter. I hope that my imagery may offer avenues for reconnecting with our place in the natural world and deepening existing bonds. Over the last seven years, I've consciously limited my photography to local haunts - far from restricting possibilities, this opens up potential with each new footstep, every repeat visit to a place. I am currently exploring alternative processes and mixed media work. I'm attracted to the alchemy of these processes, gathering materials on my wanders, brewing potions and grinding powders in my studio. I endeavour to source and use waste or recycled materials and create my own paints and inks made from plants and rocks. I see and feel our collective human impact on the land in my professional and everyday life, so we work hard to live lightly. I'm also a keen community volunteer, and my experiences of engaging with issues such as contested land use and the national ambition for a just transition to meet the (debatable) net-zero target increasingly feeds into my creative outputs.

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Ted Leeming

I am drawn to slow, unstructured explorations of place and the consideration of plights and dilemmas surrounding climate change, biodiversity and human-environmental interactions. The form of these immersions has become as relevant as the outcome as I increasingly contemplate the exotica of the local and familiar together with my own sustainability, be it with respect to transport, consumerism or behaviours. As the journey and learnings continue so my practice and lifestyle gradually merge as I respond to the propositions and justifications we make as individuals, corporations and governments together with the consequences of each with respect to the whole.

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